Walk-In Tubs

  • As low as 2.5 inch ease of entry and exit
  • Tub is made of superior quality material
  • Low threshold for easy access entry
  • Up to 18" wide at the top and 12" at the bottom
  • Up to 24" wide seat
  • Quick draining system
  • Full front access panel for easy maintenance
  • Heater which maintains water temperature
  • Superior quality chrome faucets
  • Retractable shower heads for easy showering
  • Tubs come in a variety of sizes
  • Hydrotherapy units for a complete body massage
  • Door handle is easy to open and close
  • Grab bars included
  • Replaces and perfectly fits into space of an exisiting tub
  • Anti-Slip Floor and Seat

It Will Change Your Life

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